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By | August 8, 2019

Kannada Songs News

6th August 2019

The first trailer for kempegowda 2 full Movie was out on 6th August 2019 and has received more than 216K views within one day. Komal Kumar‘s Next film updates with Rishika Sharma is the screen on August 9. The trailer and songs of the film have received. Lahari Music T-Series has been Launched kempegowda 2 Trailer on 6th Aug. below this article gives the Kannada Songs News also.


25th July 2019

The much-awaited track Usire from kempegowda 2 on 25th July. The song starts with Komal Kumar with Rishika Sharma standing at a high altitude with snowcapped peaks all around, singing about their love for each other. kempegowda 2 Full Movie on theaters with the best quality.

24th July 2019

Darshan’s Kurukshetra is progressing well, and the film is on track to hit the screens on August 9, 2019. War work has commenced and Darshan has started a war for his role. Kurukshetra is a historical war film. Kurukshetra’s first teaser was released on Sep 29 special treat for fans. July 24 Kurukshetra Trailer has been launched, the trailer of Kurukshetra has clocked in nearly 2.2M views with 86K likes and 5.3K dislikes.  To know more about Kurukshetra Kannada songs, news and updates stay connected with us. If you like reading books then this movie will be interesting for you. The Songs are available in many music android apps.

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